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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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alert. it is a somber saturday for our country. a great american who so well embodied the spirit of the united states has died. neil armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon was 82 years old. hello, everyone. i'm eric sean. >> and i'm arthel-nevel. the legendary astronaut was first catapulted into the history books 40 years ago after landing apolo 11 on the moon and sending back a simple, but triumphant message to earth. >> that's one small step for man . one giant leap for man kind. >> described as soft spoken,
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armstrong stayed away from the spotlight and spending in the last years of his life on a farm in ohio. the u.s. air force brigadier general is a former nasa astronaut who knew mr. armstrong very well and last saw him at an apolo 16 reunion in april. he joins us on the phone. general, good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. >> general, if you wouldn't mind, i would like to get personal at the start of this. if you would tell me when you first heard the news about mr. mr. armstrong's passing, i would like to know a little about your prayers at that moment. >> i said prayers for his family, and also i was stunned. i knew he had open heart surgery this month, and we were expecting a recovery. so it was shocking news we received earlier this afternoon. >> and back when you saw mr. armstrong in april, tell me what were some of the memories you had from that
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day? >> well, it was -- he came for our apolo 1640th anniversary at the space center and gave a talk and just was there. it was a wonderful time. he looked good, i thought. we just had a great reminiscing of not only apolo 11, but he was really one of my mentors. i think because of our relationship i got to go to the moon. it was a great friend i lost. >> and isn't it amazing and wonderful when someone who began as your mentor transformed into your friend? tell me some of the moments you remember mr. armstrong as your friend. >> generally when we would get together for various celebrations around the country, and we were just friends, we talked about family, and we talked about
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our interests and what you are doing now and all of those kind of things. so it was just out of a general friendship, a close friendship. >> and when you got down to business, did you talk about the circumstances surrounding nasa today? if you did, what do you recall were mr. armstrong's thoughts about that? >> well, i don't remember specifically his thoughts, but we were of course disappointed that we don't have a program underway for manned space flight. the unmanned programs are doing great, but in a time of inactivity in manned space flight, we were both really hoping we would get going again. >> indeed. and general duke because you were so fortunate to have known mr. armstrong as you said as a close friend, a mentor, we have all read about
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mr. armstrong in the history books. we would like to you leave us with some adjectives and ways we should remember this great american. >> that would be the first. he was a great american. he was a great pilot. he was a great friend. he was probably one of the most soft spoken, quietest, most humble men i had ever met. you never would have known from him that he walked on the moon. i think this is an example of his humility and that of all of the apolo mission patches apolo 11 was the only patch that doesn't have the crew's name on them. it was not his flight. it was america's flight. >> isn't that a sentiment that we should all cling to in these days and times? general, thank you very much for sharing your great insight
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and thoughts on that great american hero, neil armstrong. thank you, sir. we want to remind our viewers that coming up later in this hour, we will have much more on the legendary life and career of astronaut neil armstrong. and then there is new news about the convention and the weather right now. tropical storm isaac is inching toward the florida keys. further north in florida organizers of the republican national convention in tampa making preparations for this storm as it threatens to kick off during monday's event with hurricane-force winds and rain. we have team fox coverage on iraq and the convention. shannon is live at the con veption center in tampa. at the convention center. first let's start with rick leventhal who is live and taking the pulse of the weather. are people taking it seriously?
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>> they are. florida is used to bad weather. tampa hasn't been hit by a major hurricane in more than 40 years. they are not convinced they are going to have a problem, and they may not. the state and local officials and the rnc are all saying that the primary concern is the safety and the security of residents and delegates and visitors to this area. so if the weather should take a turn for the worse, if isaac should turn toward tampa, they will take the precautions necessary. regular emergency procedures would kick in including bridge closures, road closures and possible evacuations. it doesn't look like that is going to happen. the convention at this point is still on schedule. but it could be delayed if the weather gets worse. it is expected to get a lot worse in the hours ahead. we have heard from the governor who is encouraging everyone to take the proper precautions and take this storm seriously. >> have three days of water and food and medication.
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have a plan. if you see flooding don't drive into it. drive away from it. don't go into standing water. don't try to move power lines. basically all of the things our parents told us growing up, do all of those things. >> reporter: the rain is expected to come tonight and possibly tomorrow. there will be heavy rains and torrential downpours and strong winds possible tornadoes touching down and that could be one the biggest dangers of all. >> that could really spark some havac. you mentioned evacuations and how serious are they taking that possibility? >> reporter: certainly do you in the florida keys we are hearing reports that people are in fact leaving. visitors have been encouraged to get out of the keys. many of them are. there are evacuation orders that have been issued for trailer home parks in the miami-dade area. those people are now trying to
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get out. that area may be spared the worse. as this storm churns through the gulf and through the florida panhandle, it looks as if tampa has dodged another storm. as we mentioned it hasn't been hit since 1946. the weather problems could be significant. the worst could be in the keys and up in the panhandle later this week. >> right now that's a nice view behind your shoulder of the downtown of tampa. that's going to change over the next few hours. >> he was mentioning about the path evading and avoiding tampa, where else will it go, and how can it affect the convention? rick has been charting the path as you can see. rick, what can we expect? >> rick is right. there is going to be an impact and there is a big concern
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tomorrow. other parts of florida under the gun. and it could be a very big, dangerous storm as we move forward. this is a look at it right now. it is a really big storm. it is not all that well organized yet. you are looking right there at the center and moving back off the coast of cuba and back over water. that means the more time it spends across water, the better chance it has to get its act together. it will have some impact, and it will be tough to get too much stronger in the short-term. and then things will change dramatically. rain across south florida and toward the keys. another big batch of tropical moisture toward the keys right now. tomorrow there is already posted a severe threat from around tampa and toward the eastern coast and all the way down. i think we could see those tornadoes from time to time. smaller tornadoes that could be pretty frequent. here is a look at the path of the storm. a strengthening storm is getting close to the keys, and then we pull out here toward the gulf, and right now the official track of this brings
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it to a category 2. very interesting wording coming out of the national hurricane center. they said there is a very significant possibility that this will be a much stronger storm than that. you notice it has pulled farther off toward the west. tampa, very rough getting in and out of the area on monday. so people who have flights for monday very rough. tuesday is still very windy there. the rain for the most part will be over. somewhere from the panhandle of florida and maybe to the parts of mississippi we could be talking about a major hurricane. that will put you a lot of focus to the areas of the central gulf. very heavy rain falling and we talked about the models. this is one of the models. you look at this. very heavy rain through parts of mississippi and alabama and parts of south florida. not that much in tampa. look at one of the other models we have. it funnels all of the rain toward the carolinas. a lot of areas will be talking
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about sig can't flooding. significant flooding. that is tuesday, wednesday and thursday across areas of the southeast. >> are you seeing a major weather story in that part of the country. >> we could be having a major hurricane on our doorstep hitting across the central and eastern gulf tuesday night into wednesday. >> rick, thanks so much. i know you will keep an eye on it. as folks in south florida are preparing for isaac, new information that the rnc officials mulling the delay of the convention due to isaac. this is just coming into our news room. shannon is live in tampa with the latest. shannon, what can you tell us? >> we have a little breaking news. we know it is 6:45 eastern so just within 30 minutes in the tampa area there will be a conference call involving rnc officials. they are going to discuss a possibility of what happens with hurricane isaac, if it is a hurricane when it gets here. they are worried about travel of delegates, of guests, of speakers and all kinds of folks. this call is to discuss all of
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those possibilities. we are told by gop sources that one of the options is can selling monday. and that is moving the speakers to other slots during the week. we don't know if it is a full cancellation of all of the events. but we know it is up for discussion. safety is the number one priority here. when you have a lot of people traveling in and out of the area, we know as well that florida governor rick scott just announced huey will can sell his -- he will can sell his speech. that is because he is the governor of a state that is facing the possibility of a hurricane slamming in here in the next couple days and hitting down in the keys possibly as rick just outlined. the governor and his speech cancellation is not related to what they are going to do with the convention and making sure she available to the state. he declared a state of emergency , so those are things in flux. we know the phone call will happen. there will be discussions about possibly changing the make up and the schedule of the convention. more broadly what we do know about the convention is that the theme is "a better future" and of course the gop
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officials are hoping that potential voters out there, americans who haven't taken a close look will look at the romney-ryan ticket and think that is the team that can bring a better future. they continue with the preps at the forum. it will have a special led screen so every speaker who speaks can have an individual look. maybe something that looks like a corn field or maybe on on the working floor of a factory. all different things. there are sub themes focusing on things like "we built it" and that is a line in response to comments by president obama about small businesses and how they come to be successful in the united states. security preps continue as well. thousands of officers officers from around the state, local and state agencies are due. if the weather keeps them at their home post, they have talked to the national guard. they will be activated here if necessary. the local police will have hundreds of their folks out 24/7 on the streets. they are prepared for organized demonstration. but here is one specific worry.
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>> one of the things i believe concerns everyone is that lone wolf. the individual who hasn't communicate i had -- communicated with anyone else. and they just decide to take action for whatever reason. >> again a conference call within the hour with rnc officials possibly discussing what to do when hurricane isaac shows up, and how it may impact the schedule of this convention. as we know more, we will keep folks updated. >> looking forward to it. either we will bring it to you here, or stay tuned for harris on the fox report. maybe juggling some of the schedule at the convention because of isaac, but it was all systems go on the campaign trail as they warmed up for their week with a visit to another critical swing state. romney and ryan spending the saturday firing up supporters in ohio. they weren't holding back anything. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in ohio.
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carl, they are hammering away the message of the general campaign which is for them the economy. >> reporter: jobs and the economy, and they think a referendum on president obama and his record. today both paul ryan and mitt romney in a crowd of 25,000 enthusiastic supporters said president obama has broken his promises, broken his promises to unite the country and broken his unite and change promise and to bring down unemployment and get the economy back on track. they were almost finishing one another's sen -- sentences and romney said he pulled president obama's convention speech and read the text. here is how he put it. >> i pulled out his speech he gave in denver. it is really a brilliant speech. he says marvelous things. he just hasn't done them. >> this is the third president i served with, and it is the most partisan, bitter atmosphere i have ever seen. >> this will be the last time
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that romney and ryan will appear together until this coming convention. on thursday night after paul ryan has been dominated and mitt romney says the two will head back on stage and then they had back -- and then head back to the campaign trail. the post labor day sprint is about to begin. >> talk about intensifying, they talked about the birth certificate. anymore fallout from that? >> the republicans make the argument that what mr. obama does by tweaking mitt romney for having put a dog in a kennel in the roof of his car on a family vacation decades ago is similar. they are making fun and he did say that it was an important part of humor in the context of the campaign. the obama campaign was drawing attention with a 15-second ad. >> holding out hope romney had a vision for the middle class. >> nobody asked for my birth certificate. they know this is the place we
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were born and raised. >> and unfounded conspiracy theories distracting from real issues. >> the obama campaign making a lot of this. they are fundraising on it, and have september out solicitations for donations. today overhead at the powell-romney-ryan rally, a plane flew with a banner saying "america is better than birtharism. there you can see it. maybe more money for education funding or something like that? they are definitely pushing it out themselves the obama campaign to whatever cost there's may be jie. what a campaign. you are right in the middle of it, carl. man, oh, man, can't make this stuff up. thanks as always. and we will be live from the republican convention in tampa starting tomorrow. and of course throughout the week we will have complete coverage on the fox newschannel and also be sure to check out the website. go to that computer.
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log-in at fox for the latest. well, they are the most coveted group of voters and neither side knows which way they will go. our political panel takes a look at the fight for the independent vote and why at this point it looks like an uphill battle for both parties.
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we are getting a closer look at who exactly will make up this year's electorat and how independent voters could be the deciding factor. 31% of voters consider themselves to be democrats. 21% say they identify as republicans while 22% say they are independents. 17% say they don't identify with either of these parties p. what impact will come this election day? the director of communications for american crossroads and the former press secretary for the national republican congressional committee, and the president of new heights communications and a former spokesperson for the former verm 1rer78 governor -- the former vermont governor, howard dean.
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there are no guarantees that the independents will flock to the president. jonathon, what plaorm should governor romney push to win them over? >> well, what we are seeing in our research is that folks are hungry to see new information about mitt romney. on the presidential side, folks have seen literally $200 million of negative ads. but the ads are not relevant to his policy as governor. it is about bane capital which nobody cares about and tax returns which nobody seems is relevant. whether or not he is responsible for the death of a woman which people don't believe. they are hungry for fresh information about mitt romney. they want to see what he can present to the country. for the first time this next week he can present himself and his policies unfiltered to the american people. i think they are going to like what they see. >> we will be watching, of course. let me look at this other poll. they are looking at the view of political parties. you have 58% of the democrats and 60% of the republicans
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saying they are going in the wrong direction. president obama won independent points in 2008, but based on these poll numbers, independents are just as discouraged as the dems and the republicans. what will it take for the president to win over the undecided or do both candidate plays it to their base? >> i think they play to their base. the thing to remember is there are few voters who are actual independents or undecided. most people who call themselves independents actually vote pretty reliably as democrats or republicans. the people who are still undecided at this point are coming on a mere labor day before the election are probably low information voters who haven't been tuning in up to this point. for the 5% or 6% who are truly undecided i agree with jonathon. this is a big week for mitt
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romney. the problem is all of the conversation up to this point is all about abortion and whether there should be an exception for rape and turning medicare into a voucher system. just yesterday mitt romney made a birther joke about the president. >> christie, we know that. and frankly people are hearing -- they are tired of hearing the negative campaigning. let's take a look at this group up for grabs. john n that, i am going for you. according to the ap, there are often more women and men younger than those who made up their minds. there is less education and mc, and they are far less partisan. people are sick of all of that bickering. given the break down though, what are governor romney's chances. christie did raise some important points? >> those are very, very good points. we research all of these people. we are looking at independent voters. those are people mitt romney has to win over.
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we can see 2-1 that people think the country is on the wrong track. people are ready to give barack obama the pink slip. what they are not ready for is they haven't seen mitt romney's plan. they want to make sure the guy rate waiting -- the guy who is waiting in the wings, i think you will see a huge bull p in the polls. >> you say people are ready to give people the pink slip. president obama is the more trusted candidate, so can his campaign managers just assume that this group they are engaged -- they are not sick of the same rhetoric, and will actually go to the polls on november 6th? >> no, they can't take that vote for granted at all. i absolutely agree with jonathon that there is a swath of voters out there who do have doubts about the president, who have doubts say about the economy, but are absolutely not ready at this point to hire mitt romney as the person they would like to replace him. that's for a lot of reasons, but one is that we haven't had
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too much about mitt romney's policy positions and some we have heard a lot about including his time at bane capital and what he will do for the wealthy in this country. >> and jonathon, picking up on what christie is talking about, you said we will hear more about the governor from the governor's mouth this week. how much of that is going to be scripted. scripted? the republicans are saying they need to get a more personal side of the governor. >> there was an ap story saying there was a plan to present mitt romney, the man, to the american people. that's important. what people know about mitt romney has been shaped by this $200 million salt of negative ads. all of these things people don't care about. he needs to sell himself, his plan, his family, his vision for the country. this will be the first real opportunity he will have to do that. he hasn't been able to have an unfiltered conversation. i am looking forward to it and i think a lot of people are.
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>> i should hope so. we will have it on the fox newschannel. thank you very much for your words. >> thanks for having us. >> arthel, are you giving the kids an allowance? do you remember when you got an allowance? there is a concern that kids don't know the value of the dollar. there is a new study that says allowances are way too high. how much do you give and how much did you used to get? we have the numbers and the advice straight ahead. and they made their mark in 2008. boy, did they. the tea party members. we will see what role the tea party could be playing during this year's republican national con veption. convention.
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this is a fox news alert. the u.s. in mourning following the death of an american hero, neil armstrong. the first man on the moon died just weeks after undergoing heart surgery. greg is live in our new york city newsroom with more.
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greg? >> air they will, it was during the uh -- arthel, it was during the apolo 11 mission 1969 when armstrong radioed back to earth the famous words, that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. for about three hours he and buzz adlren walked the moon. armstrong rewrote history and gave the u.s. a major victory in the cold war space race. he described himself as a nerdy engineer. according to his family he died of cardiovascular procedures. in a statement his family calls him a reluctant hero who always believed he was doing his job. quote, for those who may ask what they can do to honor neil, we have a simple request. honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty. and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of neil armstrong and give him a wink."
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>> in a rare public appearance two years ago armstrong took part in the ledge ends of aerospace tour meeting the troops. he said he didn't like the word "ledge end" because they were only for old legends. there were not young ones. he looked forward to making the rip. >> we recognize that when we were doing the things that were known best to the public for we gotti nor muss amounts of support from the american public. we consider it a privilege to look over and tell these young men and women in the middle east who are this harm's way that they have a lot of support from america back here, and we want to thank them. >> president obama released this statement, neil was one of the greatest american heros, not just of his time, but all time when he and his fellow crew members lifted aboard apolo 11 in 1969.
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they carried with them the aspirations of an entire nation. armstrong turned 82 earlier this month. >> and greg i bet many people will be winking at the moon this evening. thank you very much. >> a real loss to our country. a great american, neil armstrong. as republicans prepare to gather in tampa for the convention, there are new signs now that the tea party is working on a fresh image hoping to reinvent itself for the first time since the party came into prominence. joining us now, not many tea party members are buying allowed -- being allowed to speak at the convention. should they have a prominent roll? >> it depends on what your goal is here. the problem mitt romney has got himself into right now is that he didn't put many speakers on which frankly i am not sure how many people would have noticed if he had, but having knocked on it, the tea
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party is now launching their own movement. let us speak and romney is in a dangerous place because if he says no to the party he risks alienating his base. and if he says yes to the tea party he risks losing -- looking weak. >> some would say, look, what the tea party believes in is a foundation of the romney-ryan ticket c. you are dealing with the deficit , $16 trillion with the economy and trying to get our fiscal house in order of the should that be -- should that take a more prominent position 1234*. >> i can promise you having lived through these nightmares that there were senior republicans, people you and i both respect who are trying to go to the tea party, let's not get in a circle. this is oir nominee. the first priority is to beat obama. having been in the position of an i'd logical group, a convention is an incredibly
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important time to push your values. i believe there is tension there. >> how can that affect the future of the party 1234*. >> well, i suppose if you ask them they say they will affect the future of the party by insisting on adequate representation, both in the platform which i think they have already gotten, and in the schedule of the convention. if you talk to a lot of moderates or pragmatic-types they will say, look, we have to talk to the independent voters you were just talking about. we need to secure our base, but we need a broader appeal. >> it seems like you are a veteran of this, they should be happy. they have paul ryan on the ticket. they are dealing with these major platforms. senator rand and ted cruise just won the victory in texas. they will be speaking at the convention. you would think there would be a chance for them to sit back and say, look, we have some of our major positions across. they will be discussed and people across the country will now be seeing them in the next few days.
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>> you sound like a wise man. that's the wise man's view. i also have to tell you that he have you and i talking right now. right now about their issues. if you have a gazillion media from around the world trying to think of something to write about and talk about since most is scripted, right now the tea party is the only story in town. >> you know the reporters will zero in, especially if they are carrying signs and that sort of thing -- what do the reporters do, and what do the tea party members do to try to get their message across? >> what the tea party members do is they hold a lot of signs and they attract a lot of attention. they put a lot of pressure on mitt romney to juggle the schedule and to show them respect in the party. the problem is romney if he does that looks like if you can't stand up to a tea party,
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what will you do around the world? it is a tough situation. the bottom line is if you lose control of the con veption, if there is any sense -- convention, if there is a sense on what is going on, it is terrible for the public. >> it is what makes the stuff so fun and why everybody is looking forward to next week. >> exactly, except for the people who have to decide. >> great to see you. thanks so much. >> great to see you. you can always read the syndicated column. it appears every wednesday and friday. arthel? >> right now we have a live look at miami. we have learned that organizers are now mulling the possibility of delaying the republican national convention in tampa. florida is bracing for hurricane isaac. you can see that looks calm. it is the calm before the storm. stick with fox news for all of the breaking developments.
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this is a fox news alert as isaac approaches tampa, the republican national convention will in fact start monday, august 27th, but immediately recess until tewing, august 28th -- tuesday, august 28th. of course the weather is important, and i have a quote here for you now from the convention head there. they are saying due on this storm they are concerned about safety first. they want to make sure that all first responders are free to take care of the residents of the tampa area. so that is the news that is coming into fox newsroom. that in fact the republican national convention will start august 27th, but immediately recess and begin august 28th, the exact time to follow. i will keep you posted on the fox newschannel. there is a live look at the convention floor. you can see the cone of the expectation of the path of hurricane isaac, or right now tropical storm isaac.
6:46 pm
but the republican national convention will start monday, then recess immediately until tuesday due to isaac. keep it right here on the fox newschannel for the latest developments. this study is casting doubt on a staple of american parenting. it is the weekly allowance. right now the allowance for children in our country is $15 a week. and get this, just 1% of parents say their kids save any of it. the handout doesn't count the extra goodies like cell phones or hobbies or music downloads the parents pay for. and for many gone are the days of doing chores to reap the benefits. what does this say about how we are teaching our kids the value of a dollar? he is the parent of parenting capital management llc. you advise grown-ups when it comes to financial matters, so what are the -- what are us parents doing wrong when it comes to the kids and what should we do to correct it? >> it is a topic near and dear to my heart as i try and raise
6:47 pm
five-year-old triplets believe it or not. i think this topic is very important to discuss earlier rather than later. to be paid for chores. i think chores is part of the home management process. but i do believe that making the children aware of the value of a dollar through some sort of work at an early age. i had a paper route at 11 years old. i started to understand the value of each and every dollar that i made. maybe putting into perspective early on, i would like to buy an ipad and then outlining to your child what it will take each week to save that amount of money to earn that ipad rather than it being a handout. >> the study said 61% of parents pay an allowance. that's $780 a year.
6:48 pm
$15 a week? how much would you give? what is your estimate? >> i think a little less than that. i want children to understand the notion of saving the majority of their money for constructive purposes. i know part of that study says should you -- once you pay your child this money, should you dictate what they spend it on? i am of the mind that says allow them to spend it on what they want. find out what would be constructive in that period of time in their life to spend their money on. >> we had a formula in our household. one-third for spending, one-third for saving to sech saving, and one-third for charity. sounded good, but the only problem is you forget doing it and you start handing out the bucks. my son reminds me that i owe him a lot of money from january 28th, 2005. can you follow that formula? >> i think that's a very fair
6:49 pm
formula. i think the key there is the discipline each and every week that the child holds to in order to put aside a third for savings, a third for charity and a third for what they want to spend it on. that process is the amount. as we not only look at the country, but we look at the world going through financial restructuring as a result of not being able to balance their own budget. >> kyle her ri ngton with advice on allowances. i wish there were more paper routes. unfortunately with the newspaper business we have to find other things. thanks, kyle. >> you are welcome. air rirks have you heard ?eet peanut, peanut butter, jelly. first you take the peanut and smoosh it, smoosh it. >> they are talking about going back to school and peanut butter and jelly. those days are gone. we are talking turkey when we
6:50 pm
come back. that's for you.
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almost ready to be back to school and there would be no berry minder than when parents have to start packing the lunches for the kids across the country, right? >> that's why i was sing the
6:54 pm
peanut butter and jelly song. how do you keep your kids healthy while making sure their taste buds are healthy as well. our associate editor jaime hu rst is joining us. gone are the daddies of the peanut butter and jelly. a lot of kids now have peanut allergies. >> even as an adult is a great way to save money and save calories. these are good options for people of all ages. >> that's why i bring my lunch all the time. before we get to the turkey, are we talking about turkey made from actual turkey braes or -- breast or -- >> the turkey cold cuts that tasted the best were cut from whole pieces of turkey, like brands that come from turkey breast over the ones that have different parts. >> you have a few examples here. >> these are all from our test. these were excellent tasting.
6:55 pm
all of these have 45 to 60 calories per two slice serving. >> that's good. >> they are low in fat. 0 to 1 grams of carb. cold cuts, sodium can be an issue. most have between 350 and 600 milligrams per serving. >> that's important. >> of all of the ones you tested, you came up with the top four. >> yes, we looked at oven roasted flavor and smoked. the two over here are two of the top oven roasted. >> this is kirkland. >> this is kirkland, yes, this is from cost-co. this comes in three, 14-ounce packages. if you buy this one, plan to feed a lot of people. >> oscar meyer deli fresh. yes. >> yes the thin sliced. the kirkland and this last one hormel are thicker slices. it is personal preference. if you like the super thin deli slices. >> this says natural choice.
6:56 pm
>> this one does not contain nitrates or nitrites. these are preservatives that are used sometimes in cold cuts. but they have been linked to the development of chem -- chemicals that cause cancer. >> you send your son and daughter with a turkey sand with itch and they will try it. -- sandwich and they will try it. >> thank you very much. we are not eating white bread. there are other alternatives and we will get to that next time. i'm arthel nestle. stick around for the -- arthel-nevel. >> i'm eric sean. eat healthy whether you are a kid or not. have a great day. ... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card.
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